R.A. Gordon



Robert Aaron Gordon was born on February 7, 1871. After his graduation, he became a 2nd Lieutenant in the Duke of Edinburgh's Own Edinburgh Artillery Militia on April 11 1888. He was promoted to Lieutenant on July 27, 1889, and transferred to the Royal Scots where he was enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant once more. Here he was promoted to Lieutenant on 22 January 1896 and became on 28 November 1899. On the outbreak of the Second Boer War, he went the battalion to South Africa and was present during the actions of Stormberg. In February 1900 he took part in the relief of Wepener, including the engagements at Dewetsdorp. In September 1900 he was placed under the command of Sir Ian Hamilton. He returned from the war unharmed and settled down in London. In 1903, after a brief illness, he died on 26 March 1903.