Commemorative items


In this section we post items that are commemorated to Major Gordon and his family.

Official Belgian M1889 army officers sword with dedication

This presentation sword was given by a boardmember to our president as a symbol of his gratitude. The sword was made by the official supplier, BALP who manufactures the Belgian military swords fro the Belgian Military Acadamy. The blade is dubble etched and holds the Flemish moto "Voor Vorst en Vaderland" (for King and Country). On the back the monogram of the current King Philip of Belgium has etched. Beneath the monogram and in the open space the following presentation was engraved (translation): "In honour of Major A. A. Gordon, King's Messenger of King Albert I of Belgium and Queen Elisabeth (1914 - 1922). Left to the engraving the portrait of King Albert was placed. On the right the portret of Major Gordon was placed. The sword is accompanied with its scabbard and original golden sword knot. The is 24 carat gold plated and has a leather handle with goldthread.

                        Belgian 1889 Pattern Officer's sword

                        Handforged, 24 Carat Gold plated, dubble etched

                        Overall length: 81 cm