Princess Mary Christmas 1914 Gift Box

On 14 October 1914, Mary, Princess Royal, daughter of King
George V and Queen Mary inaugurated the ‘Princess Mary’s
Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Christmas Fund’ so that a Christmas gift
could be sent to all at the Front. The present was an embossed brass box, which bore a profile of Princess Mary with the initial ‘M’ on either side, within a decorative border containing the Allies' names at the beginning of the war and the words.’Christmas 1914’.

Princess Mary was no stranger to Major Gordon. While working at Apsley House, he was tasked by the Duchess of Wellington to bring the royal children to the strong room to see the magnificent silver collection. A metro drove by while descending the stairs to the cellar making an intense noise. Mary grabbed Major Gordon’s hand for comfort.

Belgian M1915 Adrian Helmet 

introduced into the French Army in July 1915 and credited to Intendant-General Louis Auguste, many other countries, including Belgium, later adopted the 'Adrian' Pattern steel helmet during the First World War. The first batch were regular French (bleu) army helmets which were painted khaki and featured a lion-faced crest attached to the front.

It is unsure if Major Gordon was ever presented or ever wore an Adrian helmet while visiting the front. However, he was presented the (now extremely) rare Anglo-Belgian helmet designed by John MacIntosh and produced by Sankey Ltd of Wolverhampton, it was fitted with a ballistic visor at the express request of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium to protect the eyes of her troops. Major Gordon donated this helmet after the war to the Tower of London where it's kept on display today.

Official Belgian M1889 army officers sword with dedication

A board member gave this presentation sword to our president as a symbol of his gratitude. The sword was made by the official supplier, BALP, who manufactures the Belgian military swords for the Belgian Military Academy. The double-etched blade holds the Flemish moto "Voor Vorst en Vaderland" (for King and Country). The monogram of the current King Philip of Belgium has been etched on the back. Beneath the seal and in the open space, the following presentation was engraved (translation): "In honour of Major A. A. Gordon, King's Messenger of King Albert I of Belgium and Queen Elisabeth (1914 - 1922). Left to the engraving, the portrait of King Albert was placed. On the right, the portrait of Major Gordon was placed. The sword is accompanied by its scabbard and original golden sword knot. The is 24-carat gold plated and has a leather handle with goldthread.

                        Belgian 1889 Pattern Officer's sword

                        Handforged, 24 Carat Gold plated, dubble etched

                        Overall length: 81 cm