Brigadier Graham H. W. Nicholson married Major Gordon's sister Helen Isabelle Gordon in 1897, and the couple received their firstborn and first son Cameron Gordon G. Nicholson, the year after.

In the early months of the First World War, Brigadier Nicholson invited his Brother-in-Law to his headquarters in France while Major Gordon guided Mrs Asquith (wife of the Prime Minister) through the front. While starting to have some tea in the kitchen of the H.Q., four German 12-pounder shells fell just outside the cottage. Luckily because of the extended rainfall in previous days, the shells exploded inside the ground, and no one was injured, although Brigadier Nicholson said: "Good God! What would the Prime Minister say!" Later in the war, Brigadier Nicholson's son accompanied him as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery.

In 1904 Brigadier Nicholson received his second son Reginald Arran Graham who later served as a Major in the Second World War.

Brigadier Nicholson retired from the army and died in 1946.


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